JAIN Red Sauce Pasta: A Wholesome Delight for All Ages 2023

In the realm of delectable pasta dishes, the JAIN Red Sauce Pasta reigns supreme as a delightful and easy-to-make recipe that’s not only approved by kids but also promises a burst of flavors that satisfy palates of all ages. This article is your ultimate guide to crafting this vegetarian masterpiece that celebrates simplicity and taste.

JAIN Red Sauce Pasta

The Allure of JAIN Red Sauce Pasta

JAIN Red Sauce Pasta is more than just a dish; it’s an experience that fuses the richness of Italian cuisine with the sanctity of JAIN dietary preferences. Perfectly balancing flavors, textures, and a touch of innovation, this pasta recipe is a testament to culinary excellence.

Recipe in Detail
Ingredients You’ll Need:

Red Bell Pepper: 1: The vibrant red bell pepper adds color and a hint of sweetness to the sauce.

Big Tomato: 1: The tomato contributes to the tangy undertones of the sauce, creating a harmonious balance with other ingredients.

Cashews, 7 (Soaked for 30 Minutes): Cashews add a creamy texture and a nutty undertone to the sauce.

Fresh Basil Leaves, 5–6: Basil lends an aromatic freshness that elevates the flavor profile.

Butter, 1 tbsp: For a luxurious mouthfeel.

Olive Oil, 1 tsp: Infusing a touch of richness and depth.

Chilli Flakes, 1 tsp: Adding a gentle kick of heat.

Oregano, 1 tsp: A classic herb that complements the Italian essence.

Salt: To enhance and balance flavors.

Milk: 1/2 cup (Optional, If Not Using Cream): For a lighter yet creamy consistency.

Fresh Cream: 2 tbsp (Optional): For those seeking indulgence.

Parmesan Cheese, 1 tbsp: Bringing a savory umami note.

Cooking Method:

Apply oil to the red bell pepper and tomato, then roast them over medium heat until charred and softened.

Soak the cashews in hot water for a creamy texture.

Cool and peel the veggies, removing the charred skin.

Deseed the bell pepper and grind it with tomatoes, cashews, and fresh basil into a smooth paste.

Boil the pasta according to the package instructions.

In a pan, add butter, olive oil, chili flakes, and oregano. Cook for a few seconds to infuse the flavors.

Add the freshly ground sauce and cook for a couple of minutes. Modify the thickness with milk if necessary.
Finally, add the boiled pasta and mix well. Cook for a couple more minutes. Finish by adding Parmesan cheese for an exquisite finish.

Tips for Culinary Excellence
Apply a touch of oil while charring the veggies for a perfect roast.

Opt for fresh basil leaves for the best aromatic experience. Dried basil may compromise the taste.

Adjust the sauce’s consistency with milk or indulge with fresh cream.

Enhance the cheesiness with a sprinkle of mozzarella.

Extend the versatility of the sauce to pizza bases for another delightful culinary exploration.

In Conclusion
JAIN Red Sauce Pasta is a celebration of flavors, simplicity, and culinary innovation. It bridges the gap between tradition and innovation, appealing to diverse palates while adhering to JAIN dietary principles. With this recipe, your kitchen transforms into a haven of taste, where every ingredient harmonizes to create a symphony of satisfaction. Embrace the flavors, savor the textures, and embark on a culinary journey that’s as delicious as it is spiritually nourishing.

JAIN Red Sauce Pasta Nutrition

Please note that these values are approximate and can vary based on factors such as portion size, specific brands, and preparation methods. For more accurate nutritional information, it’s recommended to use a specialized nutrition calculator.

  • Red Bell Pepper, 1:
    • Calories: ~30
    • Carbohydrates: ~7g
    • Fiber: ~2g
    • Vitamin C: Provides a significant amount.
  • Big Tomato, 1:
    • Calories: ~20
    • Carbohydrates: ~5g
    • Fiber: ~1g
    • Vitamin A and Vitamin C: are present in notable amounts.
  • Cashews, 7 (Soaked for 30 Minutes):
    • Calories: ~50
    • Carbohydrates: ~4g
    • Protein: ~2g
    • Healthy Fats: provide a moderate amount.
  • Fresh Basil Leaves, 5–6:
    • Basil leaves are used in small amounts and provide minimal calories and nutrients.
  • Butter, 1 tbsp:
    • Calories: ~100
    • Fat: ~11g
  • Olive Oil, 1 tsp:
    • Calories: ~40
    • Fat: ~5g
  • Chilli Flakes, 1 tsp:
    • Calories: Negligible
    • Provides a minor amount of heat.
  • Oregano, 1 tsp:
    • Oregano is used in small amounts for flavor and does not significantly impact nutritional values.
  • Salt:
    • Used for seasoning and does not contribute significantly to the overall nutritional content.
  • Milk: 1/2 cup (Optional, If Not Using Cream):
    • Calories: ~40
    • Carbohydrates: ~3g
    • Protein: ~2g
  • Fresh Cream, 2 tbsp. (Optional):
    • Calories: ~60
    • Fat: ~6g
  • Parmesan Cheese, 1 tbsp:
    • Calories: ~20
    • Fat: ~1.5g
    • Protein: ~2g

Keep in mind that these values are rough estimates and can vary based on the factors mentioned earlier. Additionally, the overall nutritional profile of the pasta will depend on the quantities of each ingredient used and the final serving size.

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