Zucchini Roll-Ups with Ricotta: A Dynamic Symphony 2023

Prepare to tantalize your taste buds with these Zucchini Roll-Ups filled with creamy ricotta goodness. This dish is a delightful blend of textures and flavors, combining the freshness of zucchini with the richness of cheese. Perfect as an appetizer or a light meal, these roll-ups promise to elevate your culinary experience. Get ready to embark on a journey of savory delights with this recipe that’s as easy to make as it is delicious.

Zucchini Roll-Ups

Zucchini Roll-Ups with Ricotta Recipe


2-3 medium zucchini
16 thin slices of prosciutto
16 thin slices of cheese (Gruyere, mozzarella, or Swiss)
2 cups Panko bread crumbs
1/2 cup grated Parmesan cheese
Salt and pepper to taste
Olive oil

Zucchini Roll-Ups Cooking Process:

  1. Preparing the Zucchini:

Begin by preheating your oven to 395°F (200°C).
Carefully slice the zucchini lengthwise into thin strips. These zucchini slices will serve as the base for your delicious roll-ups.

  1. Seasoning and Coating:

In a flat plate, mix olive oil along with a pinch of salt and pepper. This will add a subtle layer of flavor to the zucchini slices.
In another flat plate, combine the Panko bread crumbs and grated Parmesan cheese. This mixture will create a crispy and flavorful coating for the roll-ups.

  1. Assembling the Roll-Ups:

Take each zucchini slice and dip it into the olive oil mixture, ensuring both sides are coated. This will add a hint of richness to the zucchini.
Next, roll the oiled zucchini slices in the bread crumb and Parmesan mixture, creating a crunchy outer layer.

  1. Filling and Rolling:

Place two slices of prosciutto and a slice of cheese (you can use Gruyere, mozzarella, or Swiss) on each zucchini slice. These layers will contribute to the deliciousness and variety of textures.
Roll up the zucchini slices, encompassing the prosciutto and cheese within. This step introduces a delightful contrast between the tender zucchini and the savory, slightly salty prosciutto.

  1. Baking the Roll-Ups:

Arrange all the zucchini roll-ups in a baking dish. The combination of zucchini, prosciutto, cheese, and crunchy coating creates a harmonious blend of flavors and textures.
Position the baking dish inside the preheated oven and let it bake for around 30 minutes.

During this time, the zucchini will soften, the prosciutto and cheese will meld, and the coating will turn golden and crispy.

  1. Final Touch and Presentation:

Once the roll-ups are baked to perfection, remove them from the oven. Just before serving, sprinkle a touch of grated Parmesan cheese over the top. This final flourish adds a burst of flavor to the dish.

  1. Savoring the Creation:

These Zucchini Roll-Ups with Ricotta are best enjoyed immediately after baking. The combination of tender zucchini, savory prosciutto, and creamy cheese creates a memorable culinary experience.

  1. A Vegetarian Twist:

To make this dish vegetarian-friendly, simply omit the prosciutto while assembling the roll-ups. The creamy ricotta and cheese will shine on their own.
Embrace the art of culinary creation with these Zucchini Roll-Ups with Ricotta. From the initial seasoning and coating to the final burst of flavor, every step of the process contributes to a symphony of flavors. Whether you’re serving them at a gathering or savoring them as a personal treat, these roll-ups are a testament to the simple joys of combining fresh ingredients and creating a dish that delights the senses. So, gather your ingredients, embrace the magic of the oven, and experience the satisfaction of relishing a plateful of creamy, crispy, and utterly delightful zucchini roll-ups.

Zucchini Roll-Ups with Ricotta Nutrition

800-1025 kcal
67- 92g
29- 43g
33- 47g
Please note that these computations are rough estimates and can vary grounded on factors similar as specific brands of constituents and variations in the form.

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