Crispy Delight: Sooji Nachos Recipe for Diwali and Beyond 2023

Sooji Nachos

Sooji Nachos Recipe: Diwali, the jubilee of lights, brings with it an array of succulent treats and snacks. One similar pleasurable creation that deserves a special place in your gleeful spread is sooji nachos. Crispy, scrumptious, and incredibly addicting, these nachos are a must-try this Diwali. The stylish part? You can make a batch that will keep you gorging happily for weeks. Let’s explore this simple and pleasurable form.

Sooji Nachos Recipe: constituents You will Need

To prepare Sooji Nachos, gather the following constituents:

1 mug of Sooji( Semolina)
tablespoon of Roasted Jeera( Cumin) Greasepaint
tablespoon of Salt
Warm water for kneading the dough
For the Masala Mix

1 sachet of Maggie Magic Masala
1 tablespoon of Kashmiri Red Chilli Powder
tablespoon of Aamchur( Dry Mango Powder)
tablespoon of Salt
For Frying

oil painting
form Notes
Before we get into the step- by- step instructions, then are some essential notes to keep in mind

Resting the Dough Allowing the dough to rest is a pivotal step as the sooji( semolina) needs time to absorb water and soften. This ensures the nachos’ asked texture.

conforming Dough thickness If the dough seems too dry after resting, you can add a tablespoon or two of water to soften it.

Roll Thin For the stylish results, roll out the dough as thinly as chapatis. Thinner nachos come wonderfully crisp.

Frying Temperature When frying the nachos, maintain medium-hot oil painting with the honey set to medium-low. This ensures indeed cooking and the perfect crunch.

Step-by-step instructions

Step-by-step instructions
Let’s produce these pleasurable Sooji Nachos

Step 1 Preparing the Dough

In a mixing coliseum, combine 1 mug of Sooji,1/2 tablespoon of Roasted Jeera Powder, and1/2 tablespoon of Salt.
Gradationally add warm water and knead the admixture into a smooth, pliable dough.
Cover the dough and allow it to rest for at least 30 twinkles, giving the sooji time to absorb the water and soften.
Step 2 Making the Masala Mix

In a separate coliseum, prepare the masala blend by combining 1 sachet of Maggie Magic Masala, 1 tablespoon of Kashmiri Red Chilli Powder,1/2 tablespoon of Aamchur, and1/2 tablespoon of Salt. Acclimate the position of spiciness to suit your taste.
Step 3 Rolling and Cutting

Once the dough has had time to rest, divide it into smaller portions.
Roll each portion as thinly as chapatis, giving it an invariant consistency.
Using a cutter or a pizza knife, cut the rolled dough into triangular or blockish shapes, suggesting nachos.
Step 4: Frying

toast the oil painting in a visage over medium-low honey.
Precisely add the cut nachos to the hot oil painting.
Fry them until they are golden brown and crisp.
Remove the fried nachos and place them on paper aprons to absorb any redundant oil painting.
Step 5: Seasoning

While the nachos are still warm, sprinkle the set masala blend over them, which is indeed content.
Your manual Sooji Nachos are ready to be savored! These crisp delights are perfect for Diwali fests, but their infectious taste will keep you making them throughout the year.


Sooji Nachos are a pleasurable addition to your Diwali snack server, offering a perfect mix of spice and crunch. With this easy-to-follow form, you can produce a batch that will keep you and your guests munching happily for weeks. Whether it’s the gleeful season or just a craving for something delicious, these nachos are a treat worth savoring. Enjoy!

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