Dahi K Sholay: A Spicy Twist to Your Snack Game 2023

Dahi K Sholay

A. Unveiling the charm of Dahi K Sholay B. A unique and spicy snack experience

Dahi K Sholay: Ingredients

A. 1 cup hung curd preparation B. Flavorful additions: ginger, green chili, capsicum, bell peppers, and coriander leaves C. Seasoning: black salt, pepper, chaat masala, green cardamom powder

Preparation Process

A. Step-by-step guide for the curd mixture B. Hanging curd for enhanced consistency C. Meticulous assembly of flavors and textures

Bread Wrapper

A. Cutting bread into square shapes B. Wetting and flattening the bread gently; C. Creating the perfect base for the Dahi K Sholay

Rolling and Frying

A. Placing curd mixture on one corner of the bread; B. Rolling and pressing the sides with the help of the wrapper C. Quick and efficient frying process for a golden brown finish

Instant Serving

A. The art of serving Dahi K Sholay instantly B. Capturing the crispy perfection C. A treat for your taste buds in under a minute

Culinary Tips

A. Experimenting with additional ingredients for a personalized touch B. Adapting the spice levels to suit individual preferences C. Incorporating variations for diverse flavor profiles


In conclusion, Dahi K. Sholay introduces a spicy twist to your snack game, offering a delightful experience of textures and flavors. The unique preparation process, from the hung curd mixture to the quick frying of the bread, ensures a crispy and golden brown finish. This snack is not just a treat for your taste buds but also a quick and easy-to-make addition to your culinary repertoire.


A. Can I prepare the hung curd in advance?

Yes, you can prepare hung curd in advance to streamline the Dahi K Sholay preparation process.

B. What other ingredients can I add to the curd mixture for extra flavor?

Consider experimenting with ingredients like mint, finely chopped vegetables, or grated cheese for additional flavor dimensions.

C. Can I make Dahi K Sholay ahead of time for a party?

While the bread is best enjoyed fresh, you can prepare the curd mixture and cut the bread in advance for quicker assembly during your party.

D. How can I adjust the spice levels to suit different preferences?

Customize the spice levels by varying the amount of green chili and chaat masala in the curd mixture.

E. Any creative suggestions for serving Dahi K Sholay?

Serve Dahi K Sholay with a side of mint chutney or tamarind sauce for an extra burst of flavor.

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